Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top 5 Funniest Excuses Given to Bank Manager

By Alice Perterson

Banking is a serious business. Bank managers who appear to be to be cool and calm all the time are actually under a lot of pressure to satisfy their clients and to maintain a healthy and competitive work atmosphere for their team members. They are responsible for assessing and maintaining the conduct, behavior, and progress of their team.

Their juniors are well aware of the fact that the bank manager shall evaluate them. So they make sure that come up with excuses all the time, whenever they fear a reprimand or warning. The excuses that are offered are mostly lame, and very funny. Let us go through the top 5 funniest excuses given to the bank manager:

1. I was stuck up in my bathroom in the morning that is why I came late. Coming late to bank is a common situation and the bank managers have to hear lame and funny excuses about this quite often. It is interesting how people use their imagination to explain the reasons for being late. Rather they were stuck up in the bathroom, the shower head broke, or the water in the over-head tank finished when they were in the middle of their shower. Washroom-excuses are funny, and the people fabricate them.

2. I slept over my bank-assignment in the night. If you as a bank manager have assigned your team to work on audit reports at home, and when they come to the bank next morning only to inform you that they slept over their work would drive you crazy.

3. My dog crumpled all the audit reports I was working upon, and threw them in the garden. Moreover, if your team member fails to complete the assignment that you gave him he is very likely to throw the blame on his cat or dog. According to him, the poor pets would either have eaten up the financial reports of the bank, or simply crumpled them, and threw in the garden.

4. My girlfriend ditched me, and I am unable to concentrate on my work/customers. Inability to concentrate on work, or satisfy the customers are one main reason when bank managers demand an explanation from that person. A broken-hearted fellow sounds rather funny, when he declares that the reason for his absentmindedness that he was ditched!

5. My toddler was playing with my car keys last night, or I was emptying the waste bins of my home in the morning are common excuses coming from working mothers. Working mothers have real-life melodramas, and comic situations, due to their spouse/children. What sounds funny might actually be devastating for the helpless mom. One such mother went up to the bank manager, and excused to him by saying that her toddler had thrown the car keys in one of the waste-bins at home, and she was late because she had to hunt for them in the morning.

The bank manager would in most cases, not even smile upon hearing such funny excuses. He is likely to get enraged. However, if such cases occur rarely, then funny excuses become a source of entertainment for everyone in the bank.

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